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Arizona Sonoran News

Student Newswire of The University of Arizona School of Journalism

Arizona Sonoran News

Amber Franco-Alexander stands on the side sidewalk of a quaint street in Miami, Ariz. Photo by Zac Baker

A teacher in Globe: difficult circumstances, unwavering spirit

Zac Baker December 15, 2014

Amber Franco-Alexander hardly needed a college degree to recognize her love for teaching and start working with children. In fact, she did not even need to finish elementary school. “On my porch where...

Students at NAU prepare banners last year. Photo courtesy of Fossil Free NAU.

Students call for universities to divest funds from the fossil fuel industry

Zac Baker November 26, 2014

College students throughout the state are trying to make Arizona a little bit greener by urging their universities to divest millions of dollars from the fossil fuel industry. Students at both Northern...

Foto por Arria Belli, usada bajo Creative Commons 2.0.

Las dificultades de la educación rural: insuficientes profesores, currículos erróneos

Zac Baker November 26, 2014

Los oficiales estatales y los expertos de educación culpan a la falta de profesores capacitados y currículos aplicables con los datos inferiores de rendimiento de las escuelas rurales por todo Arizona. Según...

Photo by Arria Belli, used under Common Core 2.0.

The struggles of rural education: not enough teachers, misguided curricula

Zac Baker October 30, 2014

State officials and education experts blame a shortage of good teachers and applicable curricula for the lower performance statistics of rural schools throughout Arizona. According to the most recent...

The Tucson Botanical Gardens have two charging stations in their parking lot. Photo by Zac Baker.

Lack of outlying electric vehicle charging stations limits long distance travel

Zac Baker October 15, 2014

The lack of electric vehicle charging stations along major travel routes in Arizona is hindering sales and functionality of electric cars throughout the state. Without them, drivers are limited to travel...

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