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Student Newswire of The University of Arizona School of Journalism

Arizona Sonoran News

A Frankies South Philly Cheesesteaks employee prepares food for the lunch shift at the grill. Photo by Lindsey Wilhelm/Arizona Sonora News Service.

The death of mom-and-pop

Lindsey Wilhelm May 4, 2016

Americans are choosing chain restaurants over independent mom-and-pops. The number of independent restaurants in the United States decreased by 2 percent last year, while the number of chain restaurants...

The National Post created this infographic to compare the American Heart Associations daily recommended sugar intake with the sugar contents of popular food items. Jennifer Sygo/National Post.

The United States of sugar addicts

Lindsey Wilhelm March 24, 2016

What do you know about sugar? As a substance most people in the U.S. consume in excess daily, one might think the general population would be more educated about it. The average American ingests more...

A post on the @hungrybetches Instagram page from February 2016 shows a bagel sandwich from Space Market in New York City, New York with 10,000 likes on the photo. Photo by Michele Mansoor/Instagram.

Instagram sparks interest in local food

Lindsey Wilhelm March 10, 2016

The #foodporn tag on Instagram updates with pictures of edible delights from around the world. "Instagrammers," a term for Instagram users, pig out on a poppy seed bagel sandwich with bright...

Jars of Dawn Petersens pickles and spiced pickled peaches are sold at the Lillie Maes Blue Ribbon Pickled Garden booth at the Uptown farmers market in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday, Jan. 6. Photo by Uptown farmers market.

Love for sale in Arizona

Lindsey Wilhelm February 3, 2016

Small, independent businesses make cookies with mesquite pod flour. Large candy factories sell chocolate handcuffs. When it comes to Valentine's Day treats in the Grand Canyon State, why not buy locally...

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