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Arizona Sonoran News

Student Newswire of The University of Arizona School of Journalism

Arizona Sonoran News

The top six nationalities refugees originate from in Arizona. Figures taken from the U.S. Department of Health Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement, 2014. Graph by Jorge Encinas/Arizona Sonora News.

Despite rhetoric, refugees are a humanitarian concern

Jorge Encinas May 9, 2016

Without warning, a sudden deafening sound is followed by a wave of pressure passing through the body. Time seems to slow as the quick flash is finally registered by the eyes only to be quickly replaced...

Engineers install the REXIS instrument onto the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft in a Lockheed Martin clean room in Denver, Colorado. Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin

Instrument provides opportunities and challenges

Jorge Encinas May 4, 2016

A student-built instrument launching with an upcoming space mission to an asteroid will provide not only valuable training and experience for future aeronautical engineers, but also vital scientific...

Generated image of what the Great Magellan Telescope will look like once assembled. Image provided by GMTO (Giant Magellan Telescope Org)

UA mirror lab gets one mirror closer to observing faint objects

Jorge Encinas December 9, 2015

Astronomical observations are about to move one step closer to reaching new heights as the Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab, at the University of Arizona, prepares to remove another segment of the Giant Magellan...

Humane Borders volunteer, John Hoelter, looks across the U.S. and Mexico border as he transfers water to tanks used by Grupo Beta in Sasabe, Sonora. The Mexican organization uses the water to provide aid to migrants near the border. Photo by Jorge Encinas/Arizona Sonora News.

People who care lost in the border rhetoric

Jorge Encinas November 19, 2015

Political contenders jockey for attention on how tough their immigration policies are or what can be done to reform the system, while everyday people in Arizona go into the desert to provide humanitarian...

Planning mitigates potential water crisis

Planning mitigates potential water crisis

Jorge Encinas October 29, 2015

The looming specter of shortage on the Colorado River poses a serious concern for states relying on the precious source of water, but with foresight and planning, many parts of Arizona are prepared to...

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