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Student Newswire of The University of Arizona School of Journalism

Arizona Sonoran News

Left: A letter Reavis wrote claiming his water rights on the Gila River. Right: A quitclaim deed Reavis wrote out to D.C. Stevens, the owner of the Texas-California stagecoach operation. (Photo by: Gabby Ferreira/Arizona Sonora News)

Phony baron swindled early Arizona residents

Gabriella Ferreira April 16, 2015

Once upon a time, the area of land stretching from Phoenix to New Mexico was part of the Barony of Arizona. At least, that's what James Reavis, the "Baron of Arizona," would have had you believe. In...

Map showing Coronados expedition from Mexico to Kansas. (Creative Commons photo)

Legends of gold shimmer in state history

Gabriella Ferreira March 25, 2015

There are a lot of gold diggers in Arizona. More specifically, Arizona is host to a mine’s worth of gold legends. These legends are so common in the Southwest because of Spanish and Anglo influences,...

This map shows the route of the Mormon Battalion from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to San Diego, California. (Photo courtesy of the Arizona Historical Society)

A bullish battle marked along San Pedro River

Gabriella Ferreira February 25, 2015

The simple monument along the San Pedro River is only the beginning of a larger story. Along the river between Tombstone and Sierra Vista is the site of the only battle in Arizona during the Mexican-American...

Four historical reenactors stand in the middle of Allen Street, calling out the last show of the day at the O.K. Corral. (Photo by: Gabby Ferreira/Arizona Sonora News)

Tombstone’s history vital to the present

Gabriella Ferreira February 5, 2015

When people reminisce about the Old West, they think of air thick with the smell of blood, dust rising off the unpaved streets. They see men in black frock coats facing off in a corral, the pop of gunshots. For...

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