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Arizona Sonoran News

Student Newswire of The University of Arizona School of Journalism

Arizona Sonoran News

Photo courtesy of Thomas Sisk/Northern Arizona University.

The beast of the canyon

Alexis Montano April 8, 2015

Environmentalists are looking to their point fingers at a certain beast to blame for the destruction happening in the Kaibab Plateau region of the Grand Canyon. The culprit- Beefalo. Beefalo? These...

APS is proud to have made it possible for Abengoa to bring Solana to Arizona. At 280 megawatts (gross), Solana is one of the largest solar thermal plants in the world, producing enough electricity to power 70,000 Arizona homes. Beyond the clean energy it brings to APS customers, the project created more than 2,000 jobs and a national supply chain that spans 165 companies in 29 states. The project has had more than a $1 billion economic impact in the state. Courtesy of APS.

Arizona faces solar standstill

Alexis Montano February 25, 2015

In April 2011 Tucson resident Christian W. Reaney and his family decided to utilize their unused land to do their part in going green by switching to solar energy. After considering the financial and...

Charlene Lawrence, Tucsonan, loads grocery bags into the trunk of her car on Monday Jan. 26. Lawrence said she usually brings reusable bags when shopping or will recycle the plastic ones at the grocery store later. Photo by Nicole Thill/Arizona Sonora News Service.

Arizona cities pushing ban on plastic bags

Alexis Montano February 3, 2015

Cities around Arizona are pushing for plastic bag bans similar to those rising up around the nation, but new research shows there might be no need. Plastic bags have been under scrutiny worldwide as environmentalists...

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